Lets talk about beauty tips that models use today. Let me share with you 7 tips straight from the runway show:

1) Easy and unusual “defrizz”:

Here is the trick straight from a runway backstage. To tame unruly ends of your hair rub a pea-size amount of any hand cream in the palms of your hands and rub it onto the ends of your hair, then brush them. You will have a quick and easy fix.

2) Fuller looking lips:

To achieve fuller looking lips fill them in with the pencil of similar to your lips colour, trace just a little bit outside your natural lip line and then apply a lip gloss with shimmer on top of it, it reflects light and gives the illusion of fuller looking lips.

3) Smoky eyes made easy:

To create a very simple and easy smoky eyes makeup dab a little bit of foundation on your lids (to create a base) and then, apply a soft grey pencil on top of it, blend it gently to create “smudged and smoky” effect. Finish up with great mascara and you are done!

4) High-drama red lips: 

To achieve the high-drama, seductive deep red lips, apply concealer all over your lips prior to applying your lipstick. Then trace the contour of your lips with red pencil. Finish it all up by applying 2 red lipsticks – one darker and another lighter. Use darker red all over your lips and apply the lighter red in the middle of your lips. For more precise result use a lip brush.

5) Perfect face with no effort: 

To create “perfect face” models often use a concealer. To be more precise, they use two concealers – one lighter (for around eyes area) and another slightly darker colour for the areas of the face where they need it. Often the makeup artists apply and blend concealer with their fingers. After this “camouflage”, you don’t even need a foundation on top and it looks very natural.

6) How to look amazing and fresh on pictures?

Models often wear bright red lipstick living the rest of the face bare (or they use just a little bit of concealer to cover spots). It looks amazing on pictures!

7) Make it “pop”:

To achieve a very bright eyes’ makeup apply your eyeshadow with a damp brush, like this the colour of your eyeshadow will really pop. Leave your lips bare or use a neutral lipstick to get balanced and cute makeup.

I hope you found it useful. Please share some more tips from models in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful and happy!

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