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Model Tips on How to Get Ready for Summer

Every year it’s the same: We find the way to change our habits to finally being able to avoid the drama at the beginning of the summer. However, as we all know time passes way to fast and procrastinating is just way to comfortable. So here we are, with our wonderful summer vacation at the beach quite near. That’s when we realise once again we should have known better and taken care of getting summer ready just a little earlier as the gym and the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket have barely seen us in the last months.

However, no reason to worry too much because Rely Models has put together some last minute tips from some of our favourite supermodels on how to get into that summer shape to enjoy the time in your favourite bikini at the beach.

Gigi Hadid

gigi_hadid_beach blog

Having grown up in Malibu, California, the supermodel obviously has an advantage as she learned without any effort how to rock the perfect summer look for the beach. Nevertheless, raising her workout time and the amount of healthy food for that last summer boost is essential for the social beauty as well. She tries to focus on eating clean, drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep and spending time boxing at her favourite gymAdditionally, her personal tip is braiding the hair after getting out of the salty water in order to get these irresistible natural beach waves.

Behati Prinsloo

behati prinsloo beach blog

Of course, right now she is pregnant with her second child, so getting into that summer shape is not her priority, but the Victoria’s secret beauty still has some useful tips for us. For her it’s all about giving a little bit more: A little more working out, which for her is mixing up yoga, pilates and kickboxing, and a little more eating healthy and cutting out salt to prevent bloatingFor that perfect summer feeling she is all for putting surf spray in the hair and some bronzer on the skin for that nice glow because nobody wants to feel pale at the beach. Her favorite activity is stand up paddling as it is not only a great workout but also a lot of fun.

Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr beach

As she has been in the model business for quite a while she has the routine and all the tricks on how to be comfortable with your body and what you have to do for that. For Miranda, eating healthy is the main factor. She tries to keep it organic as this gives you more energy in the dayShe includes lots of greens, like avocado, kale and spinach, in her diet and avoids carbs except whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice. For that flat stomach it’s also helpful to cut out salt and alcohol. However, for her a cheat day from time to time is necessary to stay motivated. Apart from a healthy diet, staying active is also important for the supermodel. Her favorites are yoga, pilates and low resistance weight training, including her favorite exercise: Planks. For her it’s the best way to keep the body toned.

Jasmine Tookes

jasmine tookes beach blog

Of course for the new Victoria’s Secret angel it’s important to keep her body in shape throughout the whole year. However, regarding the summer time even Jasmine will do an extra effort to be ready just in time for the bikini shootings and the days at the beach. For her, her legs are her main assets so she is all for the squats and lunges mixed up with some short sprints for her cardioInstead of having her personal coach in the gym she likes to do it by herself in form of googling “perfect workouts”. On top of the extra exercise she eats a lot of protein like grilled chicken and tries to cut out the sugar to prevent her skin from breakouts.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra ambrosio beach blog

For the Brazilian beauty the key to a perfect summer body is getting outside and being active as you work out and also get a nice tan on top. Apart from hitting the gym as much as possible, where she does her pilates and spinning classes, she tries to include the extra exercise whenever it’s possible, which means for example taking some extra stairs. Especially in the summer, the model likes to eat lean and healthy food like a nice fresh salad with grilled chicken on top, which also gives you the extra boost of protein. Her tip for getting into that summer vibe is putting on a little tan before going to the beach so you don’t feel so uncomfortable with your pale skin between these already bronzy people there.

So hopefully, has helped you with these tips from the supermodels so you can stop sweating about the upcoming days at the beach or the pool and start looking for that perfect bikini that will fit your “personal summer” best that you can now definitely reach on time.
Don’t forget to take a look at our rely models page and maybe even share your perfect summer outfits with the other models to give them some inspiration.

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